2015 Holiday Parties


What do you do when you are tasked with finding the entertainment for your company's holiday party?  "Not again!" you might say.  "Last year, our DJ played The Kentucky Fried Christmas album all night long and didn't take any of our requests!"  Not to worry!  Here at Klock Entertainment, we love being invited to your holiday party, whether you're celebrating with your friends, family, clients or co-workers. Our DJs love Christmas and festive music as much as anybody, but we can also tell when a crowd is ready to start dancing and switch over to something more upbeat.  So whether your guests want to join us on the dance floor with some Modern Top 40 or are busy taking snapshots with our customizable photo booths, you can be sure that the DJ and Entertainment will be the talk of the party...for a good reason!

Klock Entertainment is offering some FUN 2015 Holiday Party Specials!  Contact our office today at 717-836-7366 or by email at Events@KlockEntertainment.com.