5 Reasons to Splurge on Entertainment for Your Wedding

Your wedding day is HUGE! One of the biggest deals in our eyes:  All the planning that you put into it, the décor that has to be “just right,” the lighting for when you walk in, all the way down the vibe and atmosphere you want your friends and family to share in with you and your spouse.

One concern that arises when the planning process begins, is how much couples believe they should spend on their DJ or entertainment.

Instead of thinking of it as your “spending budget” ask yourself this: “How much do I want to invest on the entertainment that will bring our wedding vision to life?” When your mentality switches from your wedding budget to the experience you want your guests to have, you’re guaranteed to think just a little bit more about the company you’ve chosen to entertain your, make you smile, and ensure your wedding day is as close to perfect as possible.

Here are 5 Reasons to spend a little extra on your Wedding Entertainment.

1 Real Entertainment – These are real professionals that are at your wedding day to ensure that you, your friends, and your family have a great time. Whether you found your potential DJ/Band by word-of-mouth or you were doing some research on weddings sites like WeddingWire, TheKnot, or Zola; you’re going to find reputable entertainment that has experience in making sure your wedding day is amazing.

 Pro Tip: We offer a selection of DJs and offer couples the opportunity to hand-select their DJ if they wish! Having a Team that must complete a series of trainings, shadow weddings/events, ensures that you are getting a DJ/Team that is present for you on your big day.

 2 Quality Outweighs the Convenience – You would be surprised, but we get quite the number of phone calls from couples who booked their best friend or relative as a DJ, only to find out the horror story of them either losing contact with them or their friend is no longer able to DJ their wedding for unforeseen reason. We understand that you’ll probably want to save money where you can; and entertainment seems to be the first pick for a lot of couples when it comes to creating a budget for their wedding. But, did you know that – according to 2018 WeddingWire Newlywed Report – couples underestimate how much their wedding budget by about 40%?

Pro Tip: When meeting with couples here at our Klock Office, two of the most important elements we hear are food and music. We pride ourselves on making sure the music selection matches your style, while ensuring that all your guests have a blast from ceremony to end of reception (if you choose to have us for those additional, unique services). When couples inform us that they are going with a friend or a lower budget, we gladly thank them for giving us the opportunity and ensure them we are here if they have any questions. We are happy to have been considered for their big day.

3 Your Wedding Vision…Brought to Life – When you are in the planning process of selecting a highly-qualified entertainment company for your wedding day, you are “buying” more than just music; you are choosing a person or team that is going to bring your wedding vision to life. This is your big day:  You want all the details to finally come together. From walking down the aisle, to your grand entrance into the reception where all your friends and family are excitedly waiting for you and your spouse. Selecting entertainment that is known for their work is a top priority.

Pro Tip: Research your Entertainment. Use the wedding planning platforms such as TheKnot and WeddingWire to read the reviews and see what many of our past couples have said about us. We’d love to toot our own horns, but it’s much more fun to reminisce when checking out the reviews.

4 Coordination and Convenience for All – “Does your venue offer day-of coordination?” That is a common question we like to ask couples, because we want to make sure they are getting the best service from all their vendors. Sometimes, you might be looking for just the DJ for your reception or – like us – maybe you’re looking for a company that can handle all the details for your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception.

Pro Tip:  Our Team is trained to act as a day-of coordinator to your coordinator. We strive to get all the details in one place, so that when it’s time to shine, and you’re ready to walk down the aisle, you get that special moment in your song that will bring smiles to the faces of your family and friends.

Don’t need us for your ceremony or cocktail hour? It’s okay! We make sure that our Timeline is consistent with your venue, and we even follow-up with your caterer and photographer to make sure everyone is on the same page with details.

5 We = FUN – When you think wedding, you think fun! You want your guests smiling from the start of your ceremony, to the end of your reception. You want a group to make sure the fun keeps going throughout the night. When on the search for your entertainment, make sure the company or person is learning about you; asking you questions, and relating to you.

Pro Tip:  Our Team has a wide selection of DJs that can fit almost any style of couple. We want to make sure you have a great time with your family and friends, so we make sure to ask questions and try to get to know you a little bit more. We only get to hang out with you for about 10-12 hours throughout the planning of your big day. If we can get a guest to say, “holy cow, that was a lot of fun!” Then our Team has done what they were “trained” to do when you first met with them.


"How do I splurge on entertainment?"

Are you new to the planning process? Awesome, we recommend doing the research! Check out reviews on credible wedding sites and see what the average cost is for the entertainment you are looking to have for your big day.

Asking Facebook is popular option many couples resort to when first starting out with planning, which can sometimes cause more harm than good. Our biggest tip would be to check out the Reviews on WeddingWire and TheKnot.

Do your top picks for entertainment have office hours? If so, schedule an appointment! This is crucial, because it gives you the opportunity to meet someone face-to-face and learn more about them and their vision to make your wedding day amazing.

How do I figure out how much I should spend? We recommend deciding together the Top 3 things you want your guests to remember about your wedding day.

If you haven’t had the chance yet, check out Zola.com. This is a great tool for wedding registry information, as well as creating an account to help pay for your DJ/band or entertainment.

At the end of the day, it’s your wedding day. We want you to be happy with the choices that you make and ensure that you and your future wifey or hubzz get everything you’ve envisioned!

What are your 3 things you want to make your wedding day amazing?

Photo: Paul V Photography

Photo: Paul V Photography