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Magic Sparklers

Photo: Matt Stambaugh Media

Klock Entertainment has always been known for Professional DJ and Emcee services in Central Pennsylvania and surrounding states. In the above photo you see an addition to our DJ Talent, The Magic Sparklers.  These Magic Sparklers can be used for a special moment or special event in any atmosphere.  

Your moments are important and they only happen once. Looking for a DJ to make sure they are done right? Klock Entertainment has successfully helped thousands of couples since 2004 and continues to create an experience that's one of a kind. Looking to get creative? This is where Klock has been able combine Experience, Expertise, and Technology for incredibly enhanced special effects. 

C02 Blast Wedding.jpg

C02 Blast Canon

Another unique option from Klock Entertianment for your wedding day.

There are Dozens of options to choose from that can help bring out true emotion during special events or build the energy at just the right times.


Party Percussionist

Interactive Musicians that keep the beat moving.

The best part is Klock Entertainment is able to help every couple, any budget, any vision, any style. Klock Entertainment is the choice for full customization. 

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