Complete Guide to Fall Weddings-Central PA Edition

As more and more rustic wedding venues open up in the Central Pennsylvania region, there has been a mad rush for ideas and styles related to fall, country weddings.  This is your guide to creating a unique and countrified fall wedding.



There are dozens of barn and rural wedding venues in the Harrisburg, York and Lancaster area.  Here are a few that we have performed at in the past.  Remember to keep checking as new venues are opening on a monthly basis.

Ironstone Ranch- Elizabethtown, PA.  Ironstone is a large, expansive property that is famous for its horse-drawn carriage wedding party entrance

Kennedy Family Farms- Mechanicsburg, PA.  Kennedy Family Farms is a brand new venue that is perfect for late summer, early fall events.

Lakeview Farms- Dover, PA. A charming, rustic property featuring a beautiful ceremony site.

Wyndridge Farm- York, PA.  A modern, yet authentic and pristine location for those who want a "crafty" taste to their wedding.

Riverdale Manor- Lancaster, PA.  Not a barn venue, but features a natural ceremony site and wooden pavilion for cocktail hour, coupled with an elegant indoor ballroom for reception.

Stone Mill Inn- Hallam, PA.  Cottage-style venue with festive fall surroundings encapsulating the property.

Food and Beverage


Fall and food basically go together.   It's called the harvest season for a reason!  You can match your catering with the autumn atmosphere by including some of the following at your wedding:

Apple Cider- Once the sun goes down and the air gets chilly, nothing gives a crowd of guests more incentive to stick around than a warm glass of spiced apple cider.

Sweet Tea- Another great beverage, although this one is perfect year round!

Signature Drinks-Many fall-centric wedding venues allow the couple to create signature drinks to match their personalities.  Try suggesting pumpkin or fruit-based ingredients when creating these cocktails with your bar staff.

Buffet- This style of dinner service is a trademark for fall and rustic weddings.  Include harvest-themed foods like sweet potato pie, marinated turkey and seasonal vegetables.

Desserts - Try incorporating the harvest into your desserts, such as pumpkin pie or fresh-baked cookies to add a touch of down-home comfort to your special day.



You may want to incorporate the turning of the leaves or other natural scenery into your pre-wedding photography.  Many venues will allow you onto the property for engagement sessions with your photographer.  Some other great spots for fall-themed pictures are local, public arboretums or nature trails.   Some great spots include:

Hershey Gardens- Hershey

Fort Hunter-Harrisburg

Wildwood Park- Harrisburg

The Fall Foliage Map predicts when leaves will change colors throughout the year and can help couples pick the perfect time to take photographs or even schedule their wedding.



There are a few ways that you can inject music into your Fall-themed wedding.  Hiring a string musician to perform a piece during your ceremony or cocktail hour can add a nice touch of elegance to your day.  Being professional DJs, Klock Entertainment is well-versed in all styles of music and can suggest fall and country-themed songs.  Country music has been one of our most popular genres recently.  This Spotify playlist has some of our most requested country songs that can be used during cocktail hour, dinner, formalities and open dancing:

If you are looking to add something to your wedding that NOBODY else has, ask us about our custom rustic DJ table or string lighting projects.


Favors, Decor and other Finishing Touches


One of the most rewarding parts of planning an autumn wedding is selecting crafty or DIY decor and details to match the theme of the event.  We've seen everything from tuxedos shirts matched with jeans to Mason Jar party favors.  These resources will help give you ideas to put the finishing touches on your wedding!

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DIY Decor