How to choose the right wedding DJ

With equipment becoming more accessible, the population of DJ’s is on the rise. It can be hard for newly engaged couples to sift through the available options and tell which ones are legit, and which options could potentially ruin their wedding day. With our years of experience we will try to provide you with some pointers that may help when trying to select the right DJ service for your big day!


Do they have experience?

Your DJ should handle more than just music. There are many moving parts to a wedding, and your entertainer needs to fully understand how every one of them works. A truly experienced DJ works with your other venders behind the scenes to assure that everything goes exactly as planned. They are your personal assistant, helping you with everything from making sure your drinks are filled, to taking presents out to your car at the end of the night. There are many things involved when working a wedding that need to be experienced first hand. One way to find experienced DJ’s is by looking for reviews from prior couples. Look past the stars, and see what the reviews are actually saying.


Setting up your consultation.

After you’ve found some prospects for entertainment options, the next thing you will want to do is set up a consultation. The consultation is a very important part of choosing your entertainment, because it allows you to see first hand what makes all of your options different. Be wary of any companies that will not sit down with you to fully discuss your vision. They may like to do things THEIR way, and you deserve more than a cookie cutter service. A meeting at the company’s office would be preferable. This allows you to learn a little bit more about what goes on behind the scenes of the company, see the effects and lights first hand, and have a face to face experience with your potential DJ.


How do they sound?

As mentioned before, DJ equipment is becoming a bit more accessible. With that said, QUALITY equipment still comes with a price. During their consultation it is not uncommon for couples to ask to hear a song they like on one of our sound systems. This helps them gain comfort with the quality they will be receiving on the night of their event. Be wary of DJ’s that do not have any photographs of their equipment, and will not allow you to hear the system prior to your wedding day!


What will they wear?

A professional DJ service will not only act like one, they will look like one too. Our most common attire is a three piece suit. However, we do have the occasional request for cowboy boots or sports jerseys, and we are always happy to deliver. Well groomed head and facial hair is always important too!


Do I get to pick my music?

Every now and then you may come across a DJ that limits, or does not allow requests by you, or your guests. The music from the ceremony, to the last song of the night should be influenced by the interests of the couple. Ideally, you would want a DJ you can give 10-15 songs to and say "read the crowd." A professional will be able to dive into the eras of music and pull songs that not only please you, but your audience as well. Klock Entertainment offers an online planner account to all of our couples that allows them to choose everything from songs they have to hear, to songs that absolutely can not be played. Having this online planner account allows us to keep all of the couples preferences stored in a safe internet database that can be accessed by the couple and their DJ at all times.



Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Klock Entertainment would like to provide you with some extra information that might make planning that much easier. There are two websites that can be very useful when looking for reviews on DJ's. Wedding Wire and The Knot are two legitimate websites that allow past couples to post reviews. These websites do not allow DJ's to remove past reviews, which will help ensure you're not dealing with a fraud. Our office is always open to couples, even if they had not chosen us, to call in and ask any questions about the entertainment industry. Our goal is to be a useful resource, and to help as many couples as possible have an amazing wedding day. Even if we are not working them!