Klock Entertainment's Super Bowl Predictions

Today at Klock Entertainment we went around the office and asked everyone for their Super Bowl XLIX Predictions.

Nick Fortini, "I predict me in a lazy boy, buffalo chicken dip to my left, nachos to my right.  Patriots winning by a lot."

Jason Klock, "I predict a repeat of 2014 Super with The Seahawks dominating the opposing team.  I say this because with the recent news about The Patriots cheating I think everyone involved in that stadium will do absolutely everything in their power to make sure The Patriots do not win.  I also plan on playing a drinking game.  Every time someone mentions a deflated ball during the Super Bowl... drink!"

Allyson Kunkle, "I predict that Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson will completely dominate while the Seahawks defense becomes Tom Brady’s worst nightmare."

Adam Gingrich, "I predict Emmitt Smith scores the first touchdown"

Tom Stank, "I predict Katy Perry will likely lip sync the half time show. Also Joe Buck's commentary will take away from the game."

Aram Riley, "Seahawks.  Unless the Patriots deflate the balls then they will win by 4 Touchdowns."

Martise Scott, "Seahawks".

Jarrett Juran, "I'm taking Seahawks. I'm also predicting tails for the coin toss, and the under for the national anthem."