Line Dances at Weddings

              I’ve heard it over and over.  “I don’t want any line dances played at my wedding.”  I’m here to tell you that I think that’s a bad idea.  I’m also not here to lie to you and tell you that I like line dances.  In fact, I dislike line dancing songs just as much as the brides that tell me they don’t want any played at their weddings.  I think it’s a cheat to get people to dance.  As a purist DJ, I always had the mindset that a DJ shouldn’t have to resort to line dances to get people up out of their seats.   But then I realized I’m looking at it the wrong way.

                Line dances do what?  They get people off their chairs and make them dance, right?  Isn’t that what everyone wants at their wedding?  Yes, it is!  So why should I be opposed to Aunt Sally and Uncle Ted cutting the rug to the Electric Slide.  Sure, it’s cheesy.  But isn’t that the point?  It’s also funny!  To drift so far into one direction of being “different” and not wanting typical wedding music at a wedding will alienate a lot of your guests.  Yes, I get it, it is YOUR day.  But, we need to think about the guests, too.  If everyone is enjoying themselves, the wedding will be much more fun and you will have better memories of watching all of your closest family and friends coming together on the dancefloor with you.

               Ok, maybe I took it too far with the Electric Slide.  I wouldn’t talk you out of not wanting that played, but we do have newer line dance hits that even though they may still be cheesy, they won’t stink the room up like the Electric Slide or Macarena.  Good examples are:

V.I.C. – The Wobble

Cupid – Cupid Shuffle

J. Dash – Wop

Cali Swag District – Teach Me How to Dougie

Mr. C – The Cha Cha Slide

                Those are only a few, and you probably know most of them, just like your guests do.  And I doubt you cringe when you hear them like you would to Electric Slide or even Boot Scootin’ Boogie.  I’m not saying it’s absolutely necessary to play line dances, but what it does is almost forces everyone to get on the dance floor.  From 8 – 80 years old, your entire guest list will join you on the floor.  As long as your DJ works the crowd right, they will follow up that line dance with another great song to keep everyone moving. 

Adam Szar

Adam Szar

Event Specialist