The 3 Most Influential Elements of Your Wedding

Weddings are a blast. They’re fun, they bring people and families together from all walks of life and leave memories that last a lifetime. You laugh and talk, share deep and meaningful stories with each other, eat great food, and if you’re lucky catch Grandpa Joe crushing some killer moves on the dancefloor. BUT, anyone who has gotten married will tell you that getting it all together… well it isn’t all fun and games. It takes organization, dedication, planning and research. The great thing however is that it often comes down to three key elements that make or break a wedding.

 The Venue


            Choosing the right space for your wedding is perhaps the most important piece of your planning. It is the home that holds all of the elements of your big day – and choosing this home is a careful and deliberate choice you must make.

            When making this choice it is first important to keep seasonality in the forefront of your mind. You may find the perfect venue, but does it offer relief from the heat, or warmth from the cold? If looking at venues in the Summer will they have the same look and feel during the Fall? Be sure to ask a lot of questions and see images of weddings that fell during the same window of your big day.

            Perhaps it is the most obvious, but choosing a venue with the best look for your wedding is extremely important. Are you going for a barn or for a more modern and sleek look? Industrial? There are hundreds of variations on styles and you want to be sure to choose one that is cohesive for your big day. Just because the reception space offers the perfect look, the surrounding areas may not match as perfectly with your vision. You may like the look of a barn, but may not want it to be surrounded by farmland for instance.

            The size and scope of what your venue offers is also incredibly important. Is your venue ideal for 200 guests? 300? Or the opposite, a more common issue, the venue is chosen that is too large for the amount of people so the space ends up feeling empty. Watch out for this. Also, what amenities does your venue offer? A nice bar, cocktail area, outdoor area for a fire or lawn games are things to be mindful of. Also, if you have anyone in attendance who needs this, handicap accessible options this is something to be mindful of as well.

The Food

             Let’s be honest… who doesn’t love to eat? Your guests will for sure. This is why paying close attention to food choices and vendors is extremely crucial. When deciding on food, you want to ensure that the food is quality. This is one of the most important days of your life and the last thing you want is dry lifeless food. Try everything, go to tastings, as pointed questions about ingredients, etc. Don’t be shy when it comes to this – the vendors are used to it!

             So you know that the food is exceptional, but what about the variety of the offerings? Will your caterer offer 2 choices? 3? It is always important to offer variety to your guests – at least allowing them two options. Also, an increasingly important option is to offer a vegetarian and/or vegan option. Check with your guests ahead of time to see what you will need. On the flip side, while offering options to your guests, adding too many can be overwhelming and potentially add to cost. Like anything, this is a balancing act.

             Be mindful of whether you would like to offer plated or buffet style serving. They each have their pros and cons and it is important to research which would be best for your wedding. Buffet style provides freedom for your guests to eat as they see fit and can often lead to a wider range of options. However, plated can sometimes speed up the dinner process, especially if your caterer has a large staff on hand to bring food out quickly.

The DJ

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So you have your venue, You’ve chosen your food. While many other elements will fall into place, choosing the right DJ can make or break your wedding. They bring the energy, atmosphere, and personality to a wedding reception and your guests will remember the experience most because of the fun they had.

            Choosing a DJ with a great personality is wildly important. You want to ensure that whomever you choose is able to make a connection with you in a way that feels natural. Do you want somebody who is upbeat, over-the-top, and exploding with energy? Or are you looking for someone to be more of a facilitator and music maker and less in the forefront. There are tons of DJ’s out there and it is important you match with someone who feels right for you.

While the accessibility of music is easier than ever, it is important to get a DJ who has mastery over different genres and types of music. While a DJ can access just about any song at a moment’s notice, it is more important that they know how to choose the right songs at the right moments to keep the dancefloor moving. Also consider what kind of feel you want your wedding to have, if you want it to feel light, upbeat, and fun you may not be looking for club-style DJ. However, if you are looking to offer your guests a true dance-floor experience consider a reputable DJ with experience mixing music in clubs and at events. 

            While not always common, Wedding DJ’s are playing an increasing role as the coordinator and facilitator of your big day. They often perform duties such as coordinating with your guests and bridal party, speaking with venue staff to ensure the readiness of the food or other wedding elements, helping your guests navigate the venue – all tasks that may otherwise be left to a wedding coordinator or to your guests own devices. As such, it is a great plus when you can work with a DJ who has a great ability to put all of the moving pieces together with detail. Thoroughness and care will go a long way when it comes to your wedding day.

            If you are looking for the experience of a lifetime when it comes to entertainment, be sure to check out the options at Klock Entertainment. We have continued for years as leaders of the industry and offer a wide-range of services that your guests will be talking about for years. The best part is that we have a knowledgeable staff and a plethora of DJ’s and Emcees to choose from!

In short, do your research and take care with your choice. Your Venue, the food, and your choice of DJ are all crucial parts of your wedding day. While most all of your other elements will fall into place – these won’t. So choose carefully!

Austin Whitlock

Austin Whitlock

Production Manager