Tips for Getting the Best Wedding Photos in Harrisburg

You and your spouse-to-be are the stars of you wedding photos, but don't underestimate how important the location is, too! The right setting will be beautiful and well lit, showcase your personality and interests, and make you feel happy and relaxed. This joyful glow will come through in your photos. Here are a few locations in the Harrisburg area where you may be able to capture memories for a lifetime:

Six Picture Perfect Locations


  • Downtown offers sophisticated city shots of the Capitol Complex and the Susquehanna River

  • The Capital Area Greenbelt has 20 miles of photo-ready trails for active couples

  • Strites Orchard is a farmer's market overflowing with colorful produce, perfect for quirky, down-to-Earth people

Other Locations

  • Founders Hall in Hershey has a dramatic building and gorgeously kept grounds

  • The John Wright Restaurant in Columbia has a chill, old school vibe that's great for nontraditional events

  • Kings Gap State Park offers rolling hills and stunning natural scenery

Tips For the Perfect Photo

Now that you've chosen the perfect place, you need to capture that moment in the perfect shot. Here's an excellent list of shots to request. Don't forget a quick snap of your parents reacting to the exchange of vows!

What can you do to help the photographer get the best images? Here are a few tips to perfect those photos:

  • Interview wedding photographers, look over their portfolio, and ask for references. Not every photographer will be the right fit for your personal style.

  • Insist on a contract, which lays out exactly what services you'll get from the photographer. It will also protect you both if there's a problem.

  • Try out your hair, makeup, and outfit well ahead of time. Don't leave a new look for the day of the wedding.

  • Figure out your 'good side' and what angles look best on you. Practice posing and angles ahead of time, ideally with a digital camera and not a mirror.

  • Smile gently. A huge smile can look forced as well as make you squint.

  • Finally, relax and enjoy your big day!

Now that you’re thinking about how to get the picture perfect wedding, why not check out all the services we provide? We have lighting packages, fog machines, photobooths, DJs, and so much more. Learn more about how we can make your wedding extra special here.