Wedding Songs 2016: Standards, New Hits, and Crowd-Pleasers to Get the Party Rockin'!

Photo Credit:  Elaine Gates Photography

For those that have been to many weddings, it can be tempting to fall in to the trap of using the same basic 15-20 wedding songs for specific portions of the night.  At Klock Entertainment, we encourage couples to be unique, break all the rules, and make your wedding your own, and this definitely applies to the music that is played throughout your ceremony and reception.  We've compiled a list of newer songs (along with a few unavoidable classics) for each part of the night.

Ceremony Songs

There are several different routes that you can take for your ceremony music.  Some couples select a set of traditional ceremony songs, which typically includes classical music such as Canon in D.  While these types of songs are very fitting for a wide-range of wedding styles, you can also inject energy and excitement to your ceremony music in a couple of different ways.  Here are some current and recent tracks that couples have used for their recessional song:

Cocktail Hour Songs

While Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin are timeless classics who we don't foresee going away from the world of weddings, we can also bring a modern atmosphere to this part of the wedding day.  Performers like the Post-Modern Jukebox weld these worlds together pretty impressively with lounge-flavored covers of today's hits:

Introduction Songs

We've included some of the more energetic songs from the past few wedding seasons on this list, but take a listen to the newer tracks that you and your wedding party may want to enter your reception to.  This section sets the tone and atmosphere for the rest of the evening, so be sure to put some thought into your entrance.  You can even coordinate dance routines and acts at this time to raise the energy level!

Dinner Music

Many of these songs have a similar style to what your guests will hear during cocktail hour.  However, you can also gear up for dancing by having your DJ transition between two different styles for cocktail hour and dinner hour.

First Dance Songs

For this list, we've included some of our favorite tracks from 2016, as well as some popular choices from the last couple wedding seasons:

Wedding Dance Party Songs

Some songs just simply please the crowd at a wedding.  Here are some of the songs that we keep in our arsenal at all times, as well as the hottest songs out right now:

Last Dance Songs

Nobody wants the party to end, but it helps to go out with a bang!  Couples often choose a slower classic, group sing-along, or absolute party song to end the awesome night on:

We will update these lists as the season goes on and new songs are released and come to our attention.  Any songs that we missed?  Email us at and let us know what songs you want to hear for your wedding day!