chris brenner

who is chris brenner?

Growing up around musicians and theatre, the love of all aspects of the arts has always been one of my interests. I struggled and failed to learn several instruments. But the love and passion for music never fell. Many decades later I fell upon live streaming and became a new hobby and passion. A friend of mine that was a DJ encouraged me to jump and try DJing. My first ever DJ controller was delivered. I found mixing came quite naturally, progressing in skill very quickly. July 2020, a life changing chance occurrence happened. I met one of the coolest DJs I know. Becoming great friends, we worked together in many different aspects of the art pushing my skill limits as a DJ and wouldn’t change it for anything. The pandemic has given me the opportunity to change my life path. I’m excited for the future and excited to be part of your event with at Klock Entertainment.

Our DJs are full of energy, passion and are driven by the motivation to bring any and all events to life! Keeping the dance floor full and the memories lasting is what we pride ourselves in here at Klock Entertainment!